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 Topic: What is the worst agistment experience you have ever had ?
Re: What is the worst agistment experience you have ever had ? [message #3307636 is a reply to message #3307604 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 08:29
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I cut and pasted this from a topic I created a few years ago....

I moved into this agistment place about a month ago, they are aiming for a higher end market with their equibraid fencing, feeding, rugging etc.. In this month all of this has happened (keep in mind he walks upto people in the paddock and is recovering from a stifle injury so is on very strict exercise program):

-arrive to find no paddock ready (had organized 1month prior)
-told to put horse in holding paddock, which was dangerous (metal gates and grids on the ground) so said I said no
-put my horse in with their horse, this paddocks fences were not tensioned
-overnight both horses went through the fence and were wandering the property (there were big trenches that he could of fallen in as they were constructing buildings)
-pretty sure this happened again the next night, he has nowhere to go so is free to roam the property
-my horse goes into his own paddock, electricity goes down for a few days soo as he's leant, he goes through the fences...
-and this happens again
-the handles have not been fixed and the wire is still looped
-apparently my horse was hard to catch for the farrier, then bit the manager!! (don't think my horse likes him, he's never bitten and is definitely not hard to catch)
-asked them to put rugs on for me, they didn't loop the leg straps
-find my horse with a big slice across his pastern (he has a white sock so very noticeable). Asked them to put cream on it but they couldn't catch him, didn't tell me so I could do it and got some other agistee who I've met once to do it
-found my horse yesterday with his rug up his neck, he's clipped so I hope he doesn't catch a cold
-I was told the arena was soon to be completed but it is still months off
-current riding area is approx 15x20m grassy area
-and just generally talking the talk and not walking the wallk

I could go on and on but I'm leaving soon so hopefully all will be better!?
Re: What is the worst agistment experience you have ever had ? [message #3307637 is a reply to message #3307604 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 08:39
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The forum drove me to drink. Remind me to thank it.
Aggistees who like to dictate to you their rules even tho you'd been there longer..they take over and ruin the place.
That's what inspired me to buy my own place..best move ever Smile

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Re: What is the worst agistment experience you have ever had ? [message #3307638 is a reply to message #3307604 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 09:03
  ransom  is currently offline ransom  
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I've agisted my horses my whole life.

I must be lucky because I haven't had any dramas at all in any of the places I've been to.

Having said that, I have never relied on anyone to do my rugging/feeding or daily tasks unless I've been away. I think everyone has really strong ideas of how their horses should be cared for and one of the most difficult things about agisting, especially if you are relying on someone else to provide care is managing the expectations of what you get for your money.

As a hobby rider I think one big trap to avoid when agisting is getting "too close" to the property managers. I often see things go pear shaped when agistees get emotionally involved with friendships. They start doing things here and there for the agistment owners, because it's their hobby and they're happy to help where they can, but forget it's a business relationship and then get upset when the generosity doesn't go both ways and the agistment owners want payment for services provided.

Dealing with large numbers of horse owners on a daily basis must be extremely difficult for agistment centres. A well run centre is a pleasure to be at.

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 Topic: Good quality shirts- for clinics
Re: Good quality shirts- for clinics [message #3307639 is a reply to message #3306517 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 09:05
  liss08  is currently offline liss08  
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If anyone is interested, the frilly coloured technical shirts at Pohnie Equestrian are currently on sale for $20!

 Topic: vec
Re: vec [message #3307640 is a reply to message #3307631 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 09:49
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I do find this amusing.

The 'ex' also ran the VEC for many years and during that time it was likewise criticised. In fact I am old enough to remember criticism of the VEC under previous ownership, fortunately they didn't have to suffer trial by internet in those days.

Ashford Park had brand new infrastructure. The VEC infrastructure is approximately 40 years old, I can remember attending the opening in the dark ages.

The VEC has had a series of owners/managers, most have struggled to make it a viable business, despite the hard work and long hours put in.

I hope the facility is put to good use and not lost to the area.
Re: vec [message #3307641 is a reply to message #3307631 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 09:56
  knycoa  is currently offline knycoa  
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learns4life wrote on Thu, 28 July 2016 21:16

Age is not an excuse for being skinny, your horse was "well behaved" because it was lethargic. If someone is going to use horses to make money, they should be in shmick condition, anything else is just an embarrassment.


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 Topic: EOI Only At This Point - Palomino Appaloosa Gelding
Re: EOI Only At This Point - Palomino Appaloosa Gelding [message #3307642 is a reply to message #3307568 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 10:45
PhoebeRulZ808  is currently offline PhoebeRulZ808  
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Thank you I have been having lots of personal issues and i had lots of things on my mind. Thank you
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 Topic: Off to Africa
Re: Off to Africa [message #3307635 is a reply to message #3306096 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 08:05
  chopin  is currently offline chopin  
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Its my party and I'll hoo haa if I want to

Located in the thick tropical jungle of Kakum National Park, the canopy walk was actually designed by a pair of Canadians. Looking to increase tourism (specifically ecotourism) in the largely ignored national park, the designers wanted to create a unique feature that would make the park a destination, thus an elevated trail through the canopy was devised. Opened on Earth Day in 1995, the canopy walkway consists of seven separate bridges that hang from the trees over 130 feet above the ground. Across over 1,000 feet of walkway, the bridges look as though they are constructed like a traditional rope bridge made from the materials of the forest, however the sturdy spans are made of wire rope, aluminum, and wooden planks, and even have safety netting to keep people from plummeting off the trail.

Cheated and just C&P this from Google. Razz

Now they are at the Cape Coast, some of the volunteers are starting to fly home, most go over the weekend, so they are relaxing by the beach and saying their goodbyes.
I know my daughter has had a fantastic experience, but I will be glad when she's home safe and sound.

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 Topic: Chronic pain
Re: Chronic pain [message #3307643 is a reply to message #3307419 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 10:59
  sophia23  is currently offline sophia23  
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MelC wrote on Sat, 23 July 2016 14:17

I dont have chronic pain but do get pretty bad period pain every month and so I recently went ahead and took a chance on ordering one of these: http://mylivia.com/ basically a wearable tens machine. I did a bit of googling before I ordered, and there is a fair bit of evidence that tens can help some people manage pain, and this thing seemed to be on the cheaper end of wearble tens units, these dont ship till October so I dont have it yet to see if it works for me, but fingers crossed!

A quick google search turned up this local manufacturer for tens units to help manage chronic pain, period pain, endo, labour etc http://www.activlifetech.com.au/ looks like they have a try before you buy hire option - might be worth a go, cant hurt and might help you manage your pain?
Best of luck!!

We have a tens machine that my dad brought back from America a few years ago, it's similar to the one in the second link. I've found it helpful with my back pain. I leave it on for 30-45 mins and feel a lot better and I'm able to continue on with my day with little pain. Sometimes if I'm having a really bad day pain wise I use it just before bed so I can sleep through the night. Definitely worth giving it a go

[Updated on: Fri, 29 July 2016 11:00]

 Topic: Clothing adds you see on facebook
Re: Clothing adds you see on facebook [message #3307644 is a reply to message #3307308 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 13:28
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The forum drove me to drink. Remind me to thank it.
Jean Jail is owned by a local family and used to just be the local surf shop!!! So happy to see real people do well!! Very Happy

Ive always had no drama with Showpo, Peppermayo etc.

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 Topic: For Sale!
For Sale! [message #3307645] Fri, 29 July 2016 14:43
  Ashlee  is currently offline Ashlee  
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1. 6'3" weather beta doona black with teal edging $40
2. 6'3" weather beta freestyle combo missing 1 belly strap $30
3. 6'3" lined canvas combo smo patching $20
4. 6'3" cotton combo with belly flap $20
5. Full size tail bad $15
6. Full size navy blue slinky hood $15
7. Red fleece lined stable boots set of 4 $15
8. 6'3" red cotton/mesh show rug $20
9. Full size rope halter, nutcracker anti-crib collar, blue hay bag $5 each
10. Full size draw reins $20
11. Cob size over reach boots only used a handful of times $30
12. Full size browband with chain detail $15
13. Polar fleece quarter sheet reversible like new $30
14. 6'3" navy blue weather beeta freest with fleece lined detachable neck $50
15. Full size black x country boots set of 2 $15
16. Size 2.5 easy boot gloves set of 2 worn $15
17. Black and pink wrangler hay bag $15
18. The corrector pad (Len brown) full size English with full set of front and back inserts $50
19. Arriat knee high boots worn twice size 9 $40
20. Float boots full size grey and pink $20
21. Full size bridle with v browband, reins and snaffle bit $25
22. Fleece saddle seat cover fits 17" almost new $20
23. Red saddle blanket thick, wool? Cob size $15
24. Lounging passoa old buckles quite worn but works well $10
25. Full navy webbing halter, 2x lead ropes $5 each
26. Set of 4 elastic bandages plus tail bandage 4x padding $10
27. 17" wintec all purpose saddle with long girth and saddle bag $20
28. 17" Isabel werth dressage saddle currently has blue gullet comes with red as well and short girth $20

Photos available at https://www.facebook.com/ashleejayne.demanuele/media_set?set =a.10154414133283453.1073741832.776668452&type=3

Pick up greensborough
Phone Ashlee 0425623603

[Updated on: Fri, 29 July 2016 14:55]

 Topic: Ranger Float
Re: Ranger Float [message #3307646 is a reply to message #3297542 ] Fri, 29 July 2016 15:16
  Ashlee  is currently offline Ashlee  
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For sale price reduced BUMP! Smile

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