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 Topic: Coach Insurance ( other than EA) ??
Coach Insurance ( other than EA) ?? [message #3267986] Wed, 06 May 2015 08:13
Messages: 151
Registered: July 2013
Location: Numurkah
Level 2
I'm about to do the ring around for insurance to see if its viable to start coaching again.
I have NCAS qualifications but I live in an area with very few EA comps ( I'm sticking to HRCAV and having fun) so I just can't justify the cost of membership and coach insurance with EA.

Would love to hear from anyone who coaches with insurance sourced outside EA. Most ( if not all ) potential clients would be HRCAV or PC.

Currently have farm insurance with RACV so will phone them first but also on the list is AON, Affinity, Westfarmers and Elders.

Any ideas would be appreciated ( save me hours on the phone only to hit a dead end )
EXPRESSION OF INTEREST- HOST ARC WANTED [message #3267974] Tue, 05 May 2015 22:54
  GEMTEE  is currently offline GEMTEE  
Messages: 47
Registered: December 2013
Location: Neerim
Level 4
Wanted by Neerim & District Agricultural Society, an ARC willing to host adult riding ring at annual show, this then allows ring to be official and counts for points to TTT. NDAS will organise judges, stewards and ribbons on day, we will also add showjumping classes on day if there is interest, Show to be held on December 5/6 2015. This will be an open horse show, including three open rings, breed classes, palomino, pinto, miniatures, warmbloods, showjumping, pony club, harness, stockhorse to name some but not all,
Any interested club, please contact us soon, as 2 months notice is required by HRCAV before an event can be posted as official.
Pleaase respond to this message or text me on 0427 346 451
Thanks and Regards

 Topic: Matt Cooper farrier
Matt Cooper farrier [message #3267970] Tue, 05 May 2015 22:06
  aussie  is currently offline aussie  
Messages: 531
Registered: May 2007
Level 1
No Message Body
 Topic: Erica Hill
Erica Hill [message #3267380] Fri, 01 May 2015 19:55
  gizmo  is currently offline gizmo  
Messages: 4069
Registered: October 2005
Location: Yarra Valley VIC
Step away from the computer,
Can someone give me the contact details of this agistment property please.

I can't...I have horseriding
 Topic: Hammer mill versus Chaff Cutter
Hammer mill versus Chaff Cutter [message #3267337] Fri, 01 May 2015 14:15
  ewepootoo  is currently offline ewepootoo  
Messages: 141
Registered: June 2012
Level 3
l have many tons of Malt Combings and a steady supply of quality Oaten Hay. ln order to use the Combings l need to mix it wet with chaff, a local farmer and former horse trainer swears by his Hammer mill and sold off his chaff cutter years ago.
His horses won many races and his Show sheep have dominated the Royal Melbourne Show in years gone by. My horses are mostly just Rescues that were heading to Echuca but l would like them to get the most out of what l feed them, they have limited grass, one horse to 6 acres of unimproved, sandy pasture.
l have the option to buy a Hammer Mill or a Chaff Cutter, what would you buy? Smile

 Topic: FOUND ignore
FOUND ignore [message #3266252] Thu, 23 April 2015 15:38
  pjayok  is currently offline pjayok  
Messages: 441
Registered: March 2012
Location: Geelong & Bellarine R...
Level 1
No Message Body

[Updated on: Mon, 27 April 2015 08:14]

 Topic: Horse Agistment Reviews
Horse Agistment Reviews [message #3263778] Mon, 06 April 2015 22:43
  horselandtash  is currently offline horselandtash  
Messages: 310
Registered: December 2008
Level 1
I have been given the specs and spoken to the property owner of a Agistment property on palmers rd, that sounds great and closer to home; which is a big factor for me.

I believe this may be the only Agistment place on that rd and would like any reviews of the place as I want to make sure it's the right place for me and my horses
 Topic: Ayr Hill
Ayr Hill [message #3263148] Thu, 02 April 2015 14:58
  looserein  is currently offline looserein  
Messages: 76
Registered: March 2009
Level 3
Just wondering if it is possible to use the arenas at Ayr Hill as a casual and who you contact to organise this. Thanks.
 Topic: Farriers??
Farriers?? [message #3262966] Wed, 01 April 2015 16:50
  fetlock08  is currently offline fetlock08  
Messages: 138
Registered: February 2011
Location: Oakleigh
Level 3

Looking for a farrier to trim my horses feet, in the Keysborough/dingley area.

[Updated on: Wed, 01 April 2015 16:50]

 Topic: Derma Gel
Derma Gel [message #3262290] Sun, 29 March 2015 16:49
Messages: 1727
Registered: June 2011
Completely Insane
My gelding has a small but in a bad spot fetlock wound (think chunk missing) but is sound. Has been bandaged for a week and I was thinking of trying derma gel (after running it past my vet of course, I will end up doing what she says). Im just after any feedback from anyone that's actually tried it on their own horses?


It's easier to get forgiveness than permission
 Topic: Round yard help
Round yard help [message #3262047] Fri, 27 March 2015 20:51
  Tj.pegasus  is currently offline Tj.pegasus  
Messages: 930
Registered: January 2012
Level 1 - Advanced
I have searched but I can't find the thread I was after.
Someone on here posted about a very cheap product to use for the walls of a round yard. I think it was a second rubber product. Anyone have suggestions?

How many people have built a round yard with or without angled

Any other advice, tips, pitfalls etc would be greatly appreciated. Smile
 Topic: Injuries to the frog
Injuries to the frog [message #3262029] Fri, 27 March 2015 19:38
Messages: 2494
Registered: February 2012
Troppo. Loco. Round the twist.
Anyone had a horse injure the frog of hoof and how long did it take to heal? I've had hoof injuries before of varying degrees and anything from coronet band will take 6mths to grow out, butt one of my boys sliced half his frog away about 4 weeks ago and a small section is still an open wound, same size as it was originally. It's healthy and he's sound again, any ideas how long it will take to resolve?
 Topic: DWTS
DWTS [message #3261368] Tue, 24 March 2015 12:24
  Cyberhorse Mel  is currently offline Cyberhorse Mel  
Messages: 1250
Registered: October 2005
Location: Eastern Region
Completely Insane
I am currently without wheels and wondering if I can hitch a ride with anyone going down and returning on Friday.
A friend is competing and I would love to go down for support.
Can get a lift to and from a convenient location.

Mel Smile

A canter is a cure for every evil
 Topic: Chalky coat
Chalky coat [message #3261231] Mon, 23 March 2015 19:56
  Carmar Lodge  is currently offline Carmar Lodge  
Messages: 248
Registered: January 2011
Location: Bullengarook
Level 2
Hi all, my mare has a really chalky waxy coat! Her diet is balanced and she looks a million dollars (too fat to be honest) any ideas on shampoos to help ? Anyone had same thing?

Carmar Lodge

 Topic: Quality shetland nylon headcollars
icon7.gif  Quality shetland nylon headcollars [message #3260794] Fri, 20 March 2015 20:08
Messages: 66
Registered: March 2014
Level 4
Hi, well just like the title states i am looking for some good quality nylon padded shetland headcollars!

Thanks Smile

''Horses lend us the wings we lack''


 Topic: toyota kluger
toyota kluger [message #3260470] Wed, 18 March 2015 18:38
Messages: 7253
Registered: January 2011
Location: the club of me :)
This computer will self destruct in 10 posts
does anyone tow with this awd? the good and bad please?
 Topic: Track Rider Program
Track Rider Program [message #3260429] Wed, 18 March 2015 15:28
  Thelwell  is currently offline Thelwell  
Messages: 1374
Registered: March 2009
Location: Ballarat
Completely Insane
Dear all,

There are a few places left for RV’s next Track Rider Training Program at Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre and Cranbourne Training Complex from March 30th to April 10th.

For expression of interest forms and horse related self assessment forms please click the link below:

http://rv.racing.com/careers-and-education/careers-in-racing /racing-careers/track-rider

Fees vary between $500 and $1200 depending on government funding eligibility.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

Kind regards,

Lisa Coffey

Workforce Development Officer

Racing Victoria

A: 400 Epsom Road, Flemington, Victoria, 3031

T: 03 9258 4328 M: 0400 519 483 F: 03 9258 4665

E: l.coffey@racingvictoria.net.au

W: http://rv.racing.com/

 Topic: Thank you
Thank you [message #3260398] Wed, 18 March 2015 12:38
sondrel  is currently offline sondrel  
Messages: 17
Registered: September 2012
Level 5
No Message Body

[Updated on: Wed, 18 March 2015 22:21]

 Topic: Attitude floats
Attitude floats [message #3260225] Tue, 17 March 2015 13:53
Messages: 529
Registered: October 2005
Location: St Andrew ARC
Level 1
We are currently upgrading to a gooseneck float. We have done a lots of research and have narrowed it down to 3 companies. One is Attitude floats. Does anyone in Vic have one, what is your opinion on them. Happy to receive PM regarding any negatives. I can't afford to make a mistake when we make this purchase. If someone has one in Victoria are you happy for us to come and have a look at it. We want to get underneath and have a good look at it structurally. We will be towing 4 horses and safety is number 1 above looks and bells and whistles.
 Topic: University of Melbourne - Equine Seminar
University of Melbourne - Equine Seminar [message #3259577] Fri, 13 March 2015 16:03
  Shorty08  is currently offline Shorty08  
Messages: 1840
Registered: August 2008
Stark, Raving Bonkers
The University of Melbourne is holding a seminar next month and anyone is allowed to attend.

It's being held at Werribee on Friday 10th April and has dinner included in the cost of $125.

Link below for those who are interested:
 Topic: Ashford Park new owners
Ashford Park new owners [message #3259322] Thu, 12 March 2015 09:52
Messages: 200
Registered: May 2014
Level 2
Can anyone tell me if the new owners have taken over Ashford Park now as the website still has the old owners contact details.

 Topic: blue blue sky
blue blue sky [message #3259135] Wed, 11 March 2015 15:21
  chopin  is currently offline chopin  
Messages: 7239
Registered: March 2011
This computer will self destruct in 10 posts
index.php?t=getfile&id=612260&private=0what a perfect Autumn's day

lesson at Wesburn Park, Flynn was super, very very happy with him

  • Attachment: blue sky.jpg
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 Topic: Kuda saddles
Kuda saddles [message #3259012] Tue, 10 March 2015 22:50
  lyn rj  is currently offline lyn rj  
Messages: 695
Registered: May 2007
Location: Yackandandhah
Level 1 - Advanced
Hi ,just wanting to know peoples thoughts on the Kuda saddles.preferably the dressage saddle.
thanks in advance.
 Topic: How do you display your V neck ribbons?
How do you display your V neck ribbons? [message #3258519] Sat, 07 March 2015 20:57
  warmedfawnz  is currently offline warmedfawnz  
Messages: 2422
Registered: June 2008
Location: EA, SPPHA NSW
Troppo. Loco. Round the twist.
How do you display your V neck ribbons?

Ive tried a few ways, but they dont sit right!

Would love to see people's examples!

 Topic: Video- is the hoof smart?
Video- is the hoof smart? [message #3257393] Sun, 01 March 2015 09:20
  Prince Ali  
Messages: 2922
Registered: March 2008
Location: EA/Surf Coast
Troppo. Loco. Round the twist.
I found this video to be incredibly informative, so I thought I'd share Smile no matter what hoof care practice you choose, those video shows what we should be looking for in a healthy foot. It's very interesting, although is a little long!

http://www.thehorse.com/videos/34609/is-the-hoof-smart-adapt ability-of-the-equine-foot
 Topic: Arena harrowing
Arena harrowing [message #3256127] Sat, 21 February 2015 17:19
Messages: 411
Registered: August 2008
Location: Mornington Peninsula
Level 1
Anyone have a cheap way of moving sand from one side of arena too the other.

Arena harrowed regularly with home made harrow- but due to the slight slope it tends to graduate to one side, especially after rain

Nb not my property so need something simple/cheap

other than wheelbarrow 😳

[Updated on: Sat, 21 February 2015 17:20]

 Topic: Anyone know the price for pentosan gold + halo????
Anyone know the price for pentosan gold + halo???? [message #3254976] Mon, 16 February 2015 18:00
Messages: 501
Registered: October 2010
Level 1
Does anyone know the price difference. I've used the normal pentosan on our pony was only $40 an inject as shes little and only needed half. Has anyone used it and found success after the standard one not making much difference?
EXPERIENCED FARRIER for PEGASUS HORSE AGISTMENT [message #3254708] Sun, 15 February 2015 10:54
Pegasus Horse Agistment  is currently offline Pegasus Horse Agistment  
Messages: 22
Registered: February 2014
Level 5
We are looking for an experienced and reliable FARRIER to service our horses at Pegasus Horse Agistment in Lysterfield.

We welcome recommendations and comments.

Please email Elena on pegasushorseagistment@gmail.com

Thanks, Elena

[Updated on: Sun, 15 February 2015 10:57]

 Topic: Mattes bonnets
Mattes bonnets [message #3254452] Fri, 13 February 2015 20:35
Messages: 1321
Registered: November 2005
Location: Cockatoo
Completely Insane
Probably a long shot, but does anyone have a Mattes ear bonnet in medium that could measure for me please? Trying to find out how far the A comes down past the browband.

Thanks Smile
 Topic: proflamaid vs rose hip vital
proflamaid vs rose hip vital [message #3254333] Fri, 13 February 2015 11:43
Messages: 4735
Registered: December 2005
Location: Bulla ARC
Step away from the computer,
What are everyone's through

TIA Smile
 Topic: Tie Back Operation
Tie Back Operation [message #3254133] Thu, 12 February 2015 13:24
Kchatts  is currently offline Kchatts  
Messages: 1
Registered: February 2013
Location: Geelong
Level 5
Hi Everyone, I just wanted to get some feedback on an issue I am experiencing with my TB Gelding.
He has had the Tie Back operation a couple of years ago from his racing days and has been off the track for the last year. In this time though he coughs a lot. We have changed his feed with expert advice but I find that he is still coughing at the start of rides and sometimes during.
The severity of the cough can be different from just clearing to must stop and really cough.
Just wondering if anyone else has this issue?

[Updated on: Thu, 12 February 2015 13:24]

 Topic: Uvex helmets sizing
Uvex helmets sizing [message #3254111] Thu, 12 February 2015 11:47
  eventinghorsegal  is currently offline eventinghorsegal  
Messages: 384
Registered: December 2009
Location: Dalmore Pony Club
Level 1
Just wondering anyones experiences with uvex helmets. In need of new comp helmet for jumping and eventing and needing to order asap. Particularly sizing, I'm usually a 56 in Dublin and from what they say with the uvex I would be a small. Anyone find their sizing is true to size?

Thanks in advance! Very Happy
MOUNT PLEASANT CREEK HORSES [message #3253768] Tue, 10 February 2015 13:06
  eilrak  is currently offline eilrak  
Messages: 33
Registered: May 2014
Location: Victoria
Level 4
Has anyone brought from these people?

Just wondering, as i am interested in some of their horses. Just wondering if any one has an experience about them?!

Thanks Smile
 Topic: Farrier Servicing Malmsbury
Farrier Servicing Malmsbury [message #3253268] Sat, 07 February 2015 19:47
Bec2703  is currently offline Bec2703  
Messages: 16
Registered: April 2013
Level 5
My farrier has been injured and is going to be out of action for a while and I can't let our horses feet go.

Can anyone recommend a reliable farrier who will come to Drummond North. I would prefer someone who is experienced as one of our horses doesn't have the greatest feet and has natural balance shoes on the front due to his dishy feet.

Feel free to inbox details rather than leave them on here.
 Topic: Insurance question
Insurance question [message #3253175] Sat, 07 February 2015 07:59
  canadianpark  is currently offline canadianpark  
Messages: 85
Registered: March 2008
Location: Ballarat
Level 3
Just looking for a bit of information. My horses are currently living away from home in a large paddock. This paddock is not an agistment property it's just a paddock.
What I would like to know is there any insurance that I can get to cover if the horses were to get out on the road and cause damage.
Hopefully it never happens, probably just being paranoid Smile
 Topic: TB Brand Search Please
TB Brand Search Please [message #3252660] Wed, 04 February 2015 15:55
  eventinghorsegal  is currently offline eventinghorsegal  
Messages: 384
Registered: December 2009
Location: Dalmore Pony Club
Level 1
Looking for more info about my boy. Brown thoroughbred gelding approx. 16hh and will be turning 15 this year with small white star and white left rear sock.
can't manage to get the photos up, will keep trying. but his brands are lower case mw. underlined with 7 over 0
I know he raced for a while though

 Topic: Float training
Float training [message #3252522] Tue, 03 February 2015 22:30
Gettingmoving  is currently offline Gettingmoving  
Messages: 5
Registered: March 2012
Level 5
Looking for someone in the Colac area that does float training.

Many thanks,
 Topic: Anyone in here already done a Double Dan/ Dan Steers clinic? In here pls!
Anyone in here already done a Double Dan/ Dan Steers clinic? In here pls! [message #3252506] Tue, 03 February 2015 21:13
  fitch  is currently offline fitch  
Messages: 852
Registered: August 2009
Level 1 - Advanced

If you have done the first one... then you can do the advanced one! Yay!
The 4 day one isn't going ahead, but there is now a 2 day advanced course run on the same day as a normal clinic- but we have 10 people in an advanced group, running same way as last time. Great news is because they don't have all the transport costs, it's $300 for 2 days!! Dates are 11 and 12 March (weekday) to be held at Mt Rowan indoor (just outside Ballarat). If you have already booked into a clinic you can do both, or change into the advanced group- please contact Sandi (who you booked through) if you'd like to swap groups, and to book advanced you can go directly to Double Dan Ballarat on facebook and message Sandi Whitfield, or contact me and I can give you details. Please pass on info to anyone else who may be interested,

 Topic: Contact details for saddle fitter at lowdens
Contact details for saddle fitter at lowdens [message #3252488] Tue, 03 February 2015 19:14
  CapSilver  is currently offline CapSilver  
Messages: 2912
Registered: August 2012
Location: Kyneton
Troppo. Loco. Round the twist.
I am trying to set up a session to have a look at saddles and they rang today but I was driving and asked if I could e-mail all Pete's and my details to the saddle fitter. They said they would e-mail me his e-mail address but my e-mail has played funny buggers and now I don't have it (or half my other saved e-mails)

Does anyone have it? If not will call them tomorrow.
 Topic: South Eastern Veterinary Services
South Eastern Veterinary Services [message #3252450] Tue, 03 February 2015 15:51
  Peepaboo  is currently offline Peepaboo  
Messages: 891
Registered: April 2011
Level 1 - Advanced
Has anyone used them for pregnant mares?
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