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 Topic: Have a fun Christmas break if you're having one
Have a fun Christmas break if you're having one [message #3242583] Fri, 19 December 2014 14:43
  pjayok  is currently offline pjayok  
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Level 1
Well, 2014 was a year of saddle shopping (the endless quest to fit super wide horses), recovering from a big fall, property selling but not buying yet unfortunately and lots of learning - well it never ends thankfully.

Hope 2015 brings you something you really want (not just material stuff) but things that matter to you and yours. I really want to find a long-term home for us and out horses, once we'll stay at longer than 4 years ideally. Please Santa??

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my questions/comments this year and happy trails!

 Topic: pony missing/stolen warrnambool/dennington area
pony missing/stolen warrnambool/dennington area [message #3242332] Thu, 18 December 2014 14:08
  lilleylola  is currently offline lilleylola  
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Missing or potentially stolen late last night or early this morning (18/12/2014)
Cindy is a 11hh Welsh x mare approx 11 years old
This little girl has just vanished. The gate was padlocked and hot wire on.
She was located in dennington south west vic.
Any info regarding her disappearance would be greatly appreciated.
Owner and leasee are desperate to know her whereabouts.
This pony is quiet to handle but is DEFINATELY NOT a kids pony and does suffer from laminitis so we want her home asap.

 Topic: time off
time off [message #3241709] Tue, 16 December 2014 06:51
  chopin  is currently offline chopin  
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Registered: March 2011
This computer will self destruct in 10 posts
flat out with the berries, like 10-12hr days packing, so NOOOOO energy at all to get on my pony, had an awesome lesson last wed, got half a day off tomorrow for another lesson, going to kill me, but its the last one for the year and I have some goodies for my instructor

I make him and his family boysenberry icecream and take whatever berries I can get my hands on (this year is good, I'm the order person for the berries Very Happy )

Flynn is enjoying the break though, but I get grumpy if I go without a ride couple times a week at least

off to work I go, another long day
 Topic: 2014 vic youth Dressage silent auction fundraiser ends 1pm today!
2014 vic youth Dressage silent auction fundraiser ends 1pm today! [message #3241208] Sun, 14 December 2014 08:41
Messages: 12400
Registered: July 2007
The forum drove me to drink. Remind me to thank it.
7am Sunday auction update:
Mary Hanna lesson package is currently on $750 with Andrew Foot
Natasha Rogers Photoshoot is currently on $300 with Ashlie Oliver
Maree Tomkinson lesson package is currently on $820 with Laura Malishev
Charlotte Dujardin signed saddle blanket is currently on $300 with Kim Anning
Boneo VIP experience is currently on $200 with Lorry Pop
Justine Greer lesson package is currently on $200 with Carrin Romais
Wine Package is on $200 with Michael Bragge
Gitte lesson package is on $370 with Lisa Hocking
Mole mapping service is on $50 with Ingrid Green
2 night stay at the Grand hotel is currently on $400 with Ingrid Green
Parliament High tea for two is currently on $110 with Jane Ventura
Parliament House lunch for two is currently on $200 with Jane Ventura
Top Gear Riding Wear voucher for $500 is currently on $300 with Ingrid Green
AFL Game Day Special is currently on $602 with R. Brzozek
4 x AFL tickets are currently on $100 with Susan Ryan
Horseback winery tour for two is currently on $100 with Ingrid Green
Balmoral lesson package of 10 lessons valued at $650 is currently on $50 with Chantel Thomas

If you'd like to bid on anything

The Silent Auction will take place at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre during the running of the Victorian Dressage Festival on the 11th-14th of December 2014.

Bids can be placed at the Whittlesea Plenty Valley Dressage Club table or via phone bid: 0408395938

The bidding will commence at 11am Thursday the 11th and end 1pm sharp on Sunday the 14th.

Spread the word in order to support the future riders of our sport!

Facebook page here

https://www.facebook.com/pages/2014-Victorian-Youth-Dressage -Silent-Auction-Fundraiser/816139741780520?sk=timeline&r ef=page_internal

I'm just sharing the info, nothing to do with me Smile

 Topic: For the Appy lovers; a brief history of leopard-spotting.
For the Appy lovers; a brief history of leopard-spotting. [message #3240748] Fri, 12 December 2014 02:38
  Liminal is currently online Liminal  
Messages: 1150
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http://horsetalk.co.nz/2014/12/09/complex-leopard-spotting-f ashion/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_c ampaign=Feed%3A+HorsetalkconzHeadlines+%28Horsetalk.co.nz+He adlines%29#axzz3LT9C9J3c
 Topic: Thank you to tooradin and especially Darrel
Thank you to tooradin and especially Darrel [message #3240715] Thu, 11 December 2014 22:17
  tiagem  is currently offline tiagem  
Messages: 1462
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Location: CSRC
Completely Insane
A month ago I had my beautiful TB pts due to a tumor.
I cannot thank Darrel enough for being so kind and compassionate, putting up with an emotional mess and just genuinely understanding how hard the whole situation was.
Although I miss Henry every day, I don't regret the decision I made or having him go with such a gentle person holding the rope.

Thank you to those who PMed me as well and the support I received here. You have no idea how much easier the horrible decision was to make with like minded people.

So thank you all Smile

"Growing up is realising that every single one of your problems is caused by you being a complete f@rking idiot"
 Topic: mick dwyer myrtleford
mick dwyer myrtleford [message #3240618] Thu, 11 December 2014 15:53
  pirates  is currently offline pirates  
Messages: 339
Registered: January 2012
Location: Kinglake riders club
Level 1
Hi .
Anyone have mick dwyers number from myrtleford.
Have a horse he used to own and after his number.
 Topic: The stables ?
The stables ? [message #3240427] Wed, 10 December 2014 21:20
  grundii  is currently offline grundii  
Messages: 125
Registered: January 2010
Location: Aaron Park Equestrian Clu...
Level 3
Anyone got any idea how much the stables agistment is for a private under the new owners ?

Kind regards ,
 Topic: HELP: Working in performance stables here and overseas
HELP: Working in performance stables here and overseas [message #3240195] Wed, 10 December 2014 10:15
  laylia.may  is currently offline laylia.may  
Messages: 90
Registered: October 2011
Level 3


Ive just finished year 12 and now looking for a future in the Equine industry (eventing, dressage, show jumping) and it seems there are a lot of opportunities becoming available overseas. I've worked in several small performance horse stables including show jumping, dressage and show horses as well as a full care agistment property, work experience with Megan Jones and Shane Rose and small amount of experience in a racing stables.

I'm an intermediate rider and believe I'm fairly experienced as an all round stable hand but feel I still have a lot to learn when it comes to a large competitive stables and all round.

I'm hard working and pick up things fast just need to be taught if I don't already know.

As a working pupil is that something they'll allow for (training) or do they really want someone that already knows everything?

Also what's the best way to format a resume and cover letter just for an equine industry career?

And would love some tips and experience story's from people that have gone into careers in big performance horse stables and even better if its been overseas.


horses are my everything <3 they bring love, happiness and provide a shoulder to cry on..
 Topic: mum's at it again
mum's at it again [message #3240033] Tue, 09 December 2014 19:48
  chopin  is currently offline chopin  
Messages: 6872
Registered: March 2011
This computer will self destruct in 10 posts
I liked the sound of the bells on the hat when I shook it all about.
Tinsel tasted a bit prickly, but Mum took it off me, with a fight

 Topic: Danish Warmbloods
Danish Warmbloods [message #3239961] Tue, 09 December 2014 16:19
  beladie  is currently offline beladie  
Messages: 89
Registered: September 2012
Level 3
Just looking to see what people's thoughts are on the Danish Warmblood breed? Think Sezuan, Don Schufro, Blue Hors Zack, Blue Hors Matine, Crelido, Zorba Hojris, Digby.....

[Updated on: Mon, 15 December 2014 18:39]

 Topic: Agistment Kilmore
Agistment Kilmore [message #3239613] Mon, 08 December 2014 16:22
  gaylet71  is currently offline gaylet71  
Messages: 31
Registered: October 2009
Level 4
Hi We are looking at starting a private agistment for 1-3 private paddocks only . There is a sand arena it has 15 acres of land and a tack shed . I am wondering if there is need for Agistment in Kilmore . 50.00 per week and if you supply the feed we can feed out for you or DIY ... We do not want to over stock , we just want a small amount of horses and people

Please pm if you are interest is only 5 mins out of the town of Kilmore

Gayle Taylor

 Topic: Recommended saddle fitter for Wonthaggi area?
Recommended saddle fitter for Wonthaggi area? [message #3239584] Mon, 08 December 2014 15:29
albie.92  is currently offline albie.92  
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Location: Wonthaggi
Level 5
Hi I am after a saddle fitter that can travel to my property to fit my saddles. My horse has filled out over spring and needs his 2 saddles refitted. I have been asking around at ARC but most girls float their horses out to other properties to get their saddles done which currently isn't an option for me!

If you can recommend someone who will come out to my paddock in Wonthaggi please send me their name and number and a rough cost per saddle/horse/visit. Smile


Love Me, Love My Horse
 Topic: Trade stand opportunities
Trade stand opportunities [message #3239433] Mon, 08 December 2014 07:49
Messages: 1294
Registered: November 2005
Location: Cockatoo
Completely Insane
For any VH'ers out there that run their own equine business, Cockatoo Pony Club still has some room in the Trade Village at their upcoming Jump Trials.
Held at Wandin Park on Sunday 18th January, we have over 270 riders competing.
Our event is getting more popular each year (entries closed 4 weeks early as it filled so fast) so we always get quite a few spectators as well.

PM for more details.
 Topic: Stable Yards
Stable Yards [message #3239111] Sat, 06 December 2014 15:54
  V8UteQueen  is currently offline V8UteQueen  
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Registered: July 2010
Level 3
We have just purchased a 24 metre three sided shed to create more stables. My plan is to make these as walk in walk out type three sided shelters with yards attached. Yards are about 12 metres long. I plan on using the yards/shelters for horses who are recovering from injury and have moved from complete box rest and aren't ready for paddock time yet, and as overflow yards/stables and for my old horse who loves a stable but doesn't want to be locked in one overnight. All my horses are 15h+ so the question is, should I do 6 x 4m (wide) yards/houses, 4 x 5m wide yards and 1 x 4m yard or 4 x 6m yards? All thoughts welcome Smile
 Topic: Massage/ Chiro Keysbrough Area
Massage/ Chiro Keysbrough Area [message #3238974] Fri, 05 December 2014 20:28
  m_rae  is currently offline m_rae  
Messages: 206
Registered: August 2013
Location: Victoria
Level 2
I have done a search but had no luck, looking for either a chiro or equine Myotherapist in the Bangholme/ Keysbrough area.


 Topic: Polo in the City
Polo in the City [message #3238075] Tue, 02 December 2014 16:55
  Kilmallee  is currently offline Kilmallee  
Messages: 76
Registered: January 2011
Location: ESA
Level 3
Has anyone attended the Waterford Polo in the City this year? I'm planning on heading to the Adelaide one next Friday and was wondering if they also have a general admission/free area that you can watch from? Unfortunately my uni students wage isn't going to get me into the VIP marquees!
I've been to the Polo in the Park which is run in conjunction with the Aus Three Day Event and that always has a free area you can sit in so wondering if Polo in the City has the same. Thanks! Very Happy

[Updated on: Tue, 02 December 2014 17:02]

 Topic: Help with saddle fitter/chiro/massage and timing
Help with saddle fitter/chiro/massage and timing [message #3237731] Mon, 01 December 2014 14:14
Messages: 3712
Registered: April 2007
Unstoppable, ungaggable, unzippable
Sorry in advance if this is a silly question, but I am just wondering on the timing of having a saddle fitted in corelation with a chiro and a massage.

I noticed my horse getting a bit grouchy and girthy, so have a saddle fitter coming out on Saturday. But should I get him looked at by a chiropractor before this? or after? or at all? Also what about a massage, am I best to get it done before or after a saddle fit?

I just don't know who to get out, and when Embarassed

A setback is a setup for a comeback
 Topic: Short term agistment Ararat??
Short term agistment Ararat?? [message #3237456] Sun, 30 November 2014 11:21
  BoyDari  is currently offline BoyDari  
Messages: 62
Registered: May 2014
Location: Ararat
Level 4
Hi I am hoping to take my horse back to Ararat over the school summer holidays. I am not currently living there, its a weekends things only because of work to see the boyfriend.

I do already have 2 options which could be go to the Aunties front farm paddock. But it has pretty poor fencing and a lot of barbed wire! I didn't realize this until the weekend.
There is also a person who does agistment just out of town I think it was an old deer farm. I haven't contacted them. Does anyone know what its like out there?

Otherwise if anyone has a spare paddock which is horse suitable and maybe even a reasonable riding area I would love to hear from you if you would like a visitor for about 6 weeks Smile
 Topic: Marshall Poley
Marshall Poley [message #3237158] Fri, 28 November 2014 15:58
  Artessa  is currently offline Artessa  
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Level 3
I have got an older style leather Marshall Poley stock saddle which is far too narrow for my XW (while gullet in Wintec AP)mare.
Does anyone know whether you can change the gullet plate and if so who could do it? Most comfy saddle for me!
 Topic: Hay/feed store between Carrum downs and clyde north
Hay/feed store between Carrum downs and clyde north [message #3236917] Thu, 27 November 2014 18:33
  ickelshadow  is currently offline ickelshadow  
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Registered: December 2009
Level 1
Hi guys

I'm picking up my float from its service tomorrow, I would like to grab about 6 bales or so of lucerne or plain grass hay. Must be excellent quality, happy to grab from store or private seller. I don't know the area well for feed stores so thought someone could point me in the right direction?


 Topic: Searching for a horse, please read.
Searching for a horse, please read. [message #3236725] Wed, 26 November 2014 20:24
  Maryanne  is currently offline Maryanne  
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Location: Werribee
Level 1 - Advanced
Am after a pony who went through Pakenham sales about 2 years ago and then ended up at Bacchus Marsh sales not long after that.

He was named Harley when he left, bay with absolutely no white. Around 14hh and was believed to be QH x as he was built like a house. Could be ridden western or English. Was great to ride but had a fault on the ground that would make him unrecognizable, he would drag you and run off, usually just for food and was deemed a mans horse. Left with a bump on his head as he got kicked in the face.

I knew him at a riding school and loved him, would love to know where he's got too. He always has a spot in my paddock.

I have attached a photo, hope it helps. I know it's a real long shot.


  • Attachment: harley.jpg
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http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww109/onetreehill_2009/beauty.jpg http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww109/onetreehill_2009/jyump9.jpg
Arnwood Tango. Deejay Vienna.♥
 Topic: Vequero Trailers
Vequero Trailers [message #3236075] Mon, 24 November 2014 16:18
  zela100  is currently offline zela100  
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Location: Macedon Ranges
Level 1
I'm looking into a new Vaquero 2 horse gooseneck.
100% Aussie made by horsey people, with such good prices I naturally assumed Chinese, but not the case.

Has anyone heard of them or have any reviews?


I love my Quarter Horses!
 Topic: Looking for contact details on someone.
Looking for contact details on someone. [message #3235862] Sun, 23 November 2014 22:19
  Maryanne  is currently offline Maryanne  
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Location: Werribee
Level 1 - Advanced
Person has been found. Smile

[Updated on: Sun, 23 November 2014 22:36]

http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww109/onetreehill_2009/beauty.jpg http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww109/onetreehill_2009/jyump9.jpg
Arnwood Tango. Deejay Vienna.♥
 Topic: Best place to but KEP helmets?
Best place to but KEP helmets? [message #3235554] Sat, 22 November 2014 16:21
  Tartini  is currently offline Tartini  
Messages: 528
Registered: November 2007
Level 1
Hi friends, I'm running with the idea of a KEP hat as I need a new helmet and they are very cool. Best places to buy them annnnd is there anywhere that sells them any cheaper?
 Topic: Farriers - contact details
Farriers - contact details [message #3235289] Fri, 21 November 2014 09:15
Messages: 149
Registered: May 2014
Level 3
Does anyone have a contact number pls for Hayden Kneebone?

Also, has anyone used Paul Beath, and also a number too.

many thanks
 Topic: Property Visit
Property Visit [message #3235084] Thu, 20 November 2014 09:31
Messages: 60
Registered: May 2008
Level 4
We are looking for properties to visit in the Manningham/Nillumbik/Whiitlesea/Yarra Valley/Mitchell areas who have implemented some of our ideas. Looking at a group walk and talk probably mid Feb as part of a series of workshops/seminars. You will obviously get a free property consultation out of it. email me if interested. jane@equiculture.com.au

Jane Myers MSc (equine)
0410 813873
 Topic: Anyone brought from this shop??
icon11.gif  Anyone brought from this shop?? [message #3234817] Wed, 19 November 2014 14:02
  karliejadde  is currently offline karliejadde  
Messages: 69
Registered: April 2012
Level 4

Hi All,

Just a quick question. Has anyone ever purchased anything from http://www.dragonflysaddlery.co.uk/ ??? Smile

And are they any good?

Really would love opinions!! Very Happy

 Topic: Arabian Brand
Arabian Brand [message #3234589] Tue, 18 November 2014 17:38
  Artessa  is currently offline Artessa  
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Level 3
index.php?t=getfile&id=607639&private=0Does anyone recognise this brand of a 14 year old fleabitten gelding "Harley" sold from NSW a few years ago to Queensland.He might have been bred in Victoria.

[Updated on: Tue, 18 November 2014 17:40]

 Topic: Job Opportunity
Job Opportunity [message #3234585] Tue, 18 November 2014 17:18
  Ames  is currently offline Ames  
Messages: 2373
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Location: The Valley Performance Cl...
Stark, Raving Bonkers
Great opportunity to work in a horsey environment Very Happy


 Topic: Horse Toys
Horse Toys [message #3234357] Mon, 17 November 2014 22:58
  cnotesjustfearless  is currently offline cnotesjustfearless  
Messages: 1842
Registered: April 2011
Stark, Raving Bonkers

Hi, just wondering if anyone had any ideas regarding horse toys! I have a 3 year old who eats everything, destroys bucket after bucket and is in real need of something to do in the paddock. Trying preferably to avoid any of the commercial horse balls etc. costing hundreds, as he will destroy anything I give him. I've been trying to think of things...? But a bit stuck. Any suggestions, successful experiences?? Thanks!

[Updated on: Mon, 17 November 2014 23:01]

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 Topic: Mornington Peninsula Pony Club Car Boot Sale
Mornington Peninsula Pony Club Car Boot Sale [message #3233623] Sat, 15 November 2014 19:10
  hazzy101  is currently offline hazzy101  
Messages: 108
Registered: July 2009
Location: Mornington
Level 3
Saturday 6th 2014, 10am-2.30pm
Located at Baxter Park, Sages Rd, Baxter ( melways reference - 106G4)
Come and sell your unwanted items, or pick up a great bargain, open to anyone wanting to sell unwanted horsey and non horsey equipment/ gear.
Everything and anything welcome.
$20 per stall/car ( retailers welcome) - each stall site is 3.5 metres wide.
Gold coin donation for public entry.
Money raised goes towards Mornington Peninsula Pony Club Junior Committee
For any queries or bookings contact Jaimee- 0433362746

https://www.facebook.com/events/1560462660831943/?notif_t=pl an_user_joined


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 Topic: Never mind :)
Never mind :) [message #3233226] Fri, 14 November 2014 09:33
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No Message Body

[Updated on: Fri, 14 November 2014 13:17]

 Topic: new horse doco, harry and the snowman
new horse doco, harry and the snowman [message #3232065] Mon, 10 November 2014 19:29
Michael  is currently offline Michael  
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Location: Australia
Level 5
i was going to put this in the jumping section, but i think most horsepeople people enjoy all horse movies.

true story about a rescued plow horse that makes to the top level showjumping.



is not release yet, i look forwards to seeing it.

[Updated on: Mon, 10 November 2014 19:31]

 Topic: Bugs/Larvae on Saddles?
Bugs/Larvae on Saddles? [message #3231717] Sun, 09 November 2014 11:19
  Bonnie  is currently offline Bonnie  
Messages: 1580
Registered: September 2013
Completely Insane
As description says... There's little maggoty looking worms/larvae on our saddle. They're about the size of a darning needle head and there's lots of them, we've used surface spray (we have since cleaned off) and that seems to have killed them, but what can we do to prevent??

I did clean off mould looking white fluff on friday (two days ago) that may have been mould (saddle is notorious for mould and even though it's not used it's still cleaned every few months due to the mould) or not.

I would really appreciate a product that's VERY safe for saddles (it's a new bought competition kieffer saddle that's been used maybe 15 times max. so preserving/looking after it is something that is utmost importance) that could stop them recurring from happening as it is only looked at every few months and if it is damaged causing functionality to change I may scream.

If it helps, it sat in a dusty, moist room for upwards of 4 years without being touched by anything.

Should we get the tree checked?? Leather checked?? I'm fairly (and understandably) worried... It is stored with other saddles (a older sydhill which is mainly bumped leather). It's european smooth leather, some area's (knee/calf rolls, most of the panel and all of the skirt) still have the factory protection/wear on them and would that change anything?? Most were situated on the right skirt...

The word 'good' is a bad word. It is elitist. Good is blind to those who try.

My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.

Chantelle xoxo
 Topic: :)
:) [message #3231366] Fri, 07 November 2014 16:10
  Peepaboo  is currently offline Peepaboo  
Messages: 850
Registered: April 2011
Level 1 - Advanced
Sorted Smile

[Updated on: Fri, 07 November 2014 17:26]

 Topic: Maccy cup day show
Maccy cup day show [message #3231054] Thu, 06 November 2014 13:14
  firefox  is currently offline firefox  
Messages: 709
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Level 1 - Advanced
Does anyone know who the photographer at Maccelsfield cup day show was??
 Topic: Has anyone used horsetransporter.com.au?
Has anyone used horsetransporter.com.au? [message #3231032] Thu, 06 November 2014 11:50
  Blocky  is currently offline Blocky  
Messages: 689
Registered: February 2013
Level 1 - Advanced
http://horsetransporter.com.au/ Looks like a good idea. Anyone used it?
 Topic: Round Bales in Shepp Area VIC
Round Bales in Shepp Area VIC [message #3231006] Thu, 06 November 2014 10:48
  Caitery  is currently offline Caitery  
Messages: 67
Registered: January 2014
Level 4

I am after a supplier for round bales of grass hay in the Shep area. Only really need one at a time as we're running low on feed in the paddock.

Would like it to be dry, not much green.


 Topic: PerformAir ventilation system - does anyone have one
PerformAir ventilation system - does anyone have one [message #3230979] Thu, 06 November 2014 09:28
  indiandfriends  is currently offline indiandfriends  
Messages: 32
Registered: September 2013
Location: Near Ballarat
Level 4
Does anyone have any experience with the PerformAir ventilation system for floats and trucks? We're looking at putting it in to our new float and am interested in any feedback. If you have it, what do you have to get rid of the air (i.e. do you have backwards facing normal vents or whirlies etc).

We have 2 very hot travellers so hoping this will make a difference.
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